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I am currently (and slowly) sketching a Nuzlocke for myself. You can find it here


To the anon: I got your ask and I’ll publish it when I get them both done!

Anonymous asked
are you erm...taking requests for those freaking adorable chibi ship things?

If you wanna request one that I haven’t done, sure go right ahead :)


The Troughton Daily Post #72 BONUS.

The Enemy of the World

I’m sorry Ramon, I can’t stop laughing at the second gif, because I’m thinking at the practical aspect… let’s imagine 2 techs behind the Tardis’ door pulling a rope. Rope tied at Pat’s feet…

And the last gif, Ramon (The Dr? let’s say Ramon, it’s funnier) looks like he is barking…



Outside of Two, I think I most like the idea of Jamie with Three and Six. Makes sense in my head, but that’s just me…. need to draw those sometime though!


Not sure if this is true, but a while ago I read somewhere that Frazer was given the choice of staying on with Pertwee, but declined so he could leave with his Doctor…

And the thought of those two doing science together makes me very happy :D


  “…it was up to the people upstairs, they could have written me out after six months, a year, or whatever, but they must have realised the chemistry was working. I think I’m the longest running male assistant. I’d never have left, I was having so much fun, but I had an agent at the time who was saying ‘You must leave, you’ve done three years of television, you need to do films’, and Patrick’s wife at the time was saying (to him) ‘You’re a much better actor than children’s teatime television, you should be doing bigger things’, and I still say to this day, if he hadn’t had that woman nattering in his ear, they’d have had to shoot us and drag us kicking and screaming out of the TARDIS, we’d still be there now.”  

-Frazer Hines 

That moment when your brotp was just as strong off-screen as it was on.

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Sometimes Seven still makes enough food to feed two people. Sometimes he catches himself going up to her room to say goodnight. Sometimes he even rushes to find her when he finds something in the wardrobe he knows she would like before he remembers that she’s left. He misses Ace. It really had been nice, being a father again.


Between apartment hunting, job hunting, and just general work, I’ve had a really crazy week. The sad thing is that I haven’t had time to thank everyone who has given me support either through messages or by following and sharing. It means a great deal to me that Her Team got so many notes on it. It was a long time coming for a long time friend who means the world to me. Every share just makes me so happy to have her has a friend. Thank you all

Good to hear your art got so many notes…You definitely deserve it Aki *hug*

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not many blogs (or at least not many that i can find...) post so much jamie mccrimmon so yeah THANKS FOR EXISTING

>w< Aw thanks anon …Yes the world needs more Jamie! He’s just so lovely!